Your Toledo tour from Madrid, with an official guide

Would you like to enjoy a Toledo tour from Madrid with an official tour guide? That’s one of the services I provide, as I show you here. Take note of all the options you can choose, whether you are a small group (family, friends) or a big group (agency, cultural association). And contact me for more details!

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How my Toledo tour from Madrid is

If you are considering to organize a Toledo tour from Madrid, you have two main options:

  • A half day tour (3,5 hours)
  • A full day tour (7,5 hours, break for lunch included)

VAT is included in my prices, but not tickets for the monuments nor for the train or bus (if needed). If you want to stay longer, you may be interested in acquiring the Tourist Wristband, lodge in a hotel in the city and contact some local colleague.

toledo tour from madrid
photo credit: HansPermana Protected by Tajo River via photopin (license)

Toledo half day tour from Madrid

If you don’t have much time, the best opcion could be a Toledo half day tour from Madrid. Of course, this is little time to discover all the secrets of this amazing city, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, but it will be enough to complete the following itinerary:

  • Panoramic views from the hill on the other side of Tajo river (if we have a car or a bus to get there)
  • Puerta Vieja de Bisagra or Puerta de Alfonso VI
  • San Juan de los Reyes church
  • Jewish quarter
  • Santo Tomé church
  • Cathedral
  • Zocodover square

In this option, we won’t be able to do many indoor visits: it will depend on the budget of the group and the pace to walk. I remind you that downtown Toledo is full of slopes up and down. 

If I had to choose some indoor visits in a Toledo half day tour from Madrid, I’d include the cathedral (9€ and a 45 minutes tour, at least) and Santo Tomé church, where a masterpiece of El Greco is: The Burial of the Count of Orgaz (2,80€ and 10 minutes inside).

For this Toledo half day tour from Madrid, we would have to depart at 9 AM and we’d arrive in Toledo at 10 PM. We’d visit the city until 1:30 PM and we’d return at that time, arriving in Madrid at 2.30 PM or 3 PM.

Toledo day tour from Madrid

Instead, if you want to enjoy a Toledo day tour from Madrid, we’ll spend 7,5 hours in this city. And we’ll have more time to discover the main attractions, of course. We’d be able to see other places and we could add some other indoor visits too. In that case, acquiring the Tourist Wristband could be a good choice. Anyway, we could complete this itinerary:

  • Panoramic views from the hill on the other side of Tajo river (if we have a car or a bus to get there)
  • Puerta Vieja de Bisagra or Puerta de Alfonso VI
  • San Juan de los Reyes church
  • Jewish quarter, including one of its synagogues (Santa María la Blanca or Sinagoga del Tránsito)
  • Santo Tomé church
  • Salvador church
  • Cathedral
  • Jesuit church
  • Cristo de la Luz mosque
  • Zocodover square

This Toledo day tour from Madrid could start at 9 AM: at that hour, we could depart from the capital and arrive here at 10 AM. The first part of the tour would last until 1:30 PM and, after lunch, we’ll continue until 5.30 PM, so that we can be back in Madrid at 6:30 PM or 7 PM. Many groups take advantage of this arrival time to go to Reina Sofía Museum, as it is close to Toledo highway and it is free from 7 PM to 9 PM (on Tuesday and from Wednesday to Saturday, Sunday from 1:30 PM to 7 PM, Tuesday closed).

Transportation in this tour from Madrid

In order to organize a Toledo tour from Madrid, you have to take into account how to get here. There are different options:

  • Train, from Atocha station
  • Public bus, from Plaza Elíptica station
  • Private bus. I could suggest you some reliable company
  • Rent a car
  • Public taxi
  • Private taxi

Of course, all the means of transport have pros and cons. You’ll have to choose the best for you according to your needs and expectations. 

In my case, I’ll try to be as flexible as possible. There are different options:

  • We can meet directly in Toledo. In order to save time, we could meet in downtown Toledo, for instance in front of Puerta Vieja de Bisagra, to go up through the escalator If you prefer, we can meet at the train station or at the bus station
  • We can travel from Madrid together. In this case, there are two other options:
    • If you have a private bus, I could go to your hotel to meet the group and travel all together. The best thing of this is that we’ll go to see the panoramic views as soon as we get to Toledo
    • If you want to travel with public transportation, we’ll meet in the bus or train station of Madrid, so that I can help you to find the platform, the ticket office (if needed) and other information. And for the return, the same thing

I hope everything is clear and you could choose me for your Toledo tour from Madrid. Contact me if you have any other question!