Your official tour guide to visit El Escorial

Would you like to visit El Escorial along with an official tour guide? No matter if you are a private group or a student group, I’ll guide you to discover this amazing masterpiece of Spanish Renaissance, dated back in the 16th century. Located in a privileged place in Guadarrama Mountains, in Madrid region, it belongs to Patrimonio Nacional and was declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Besides, it is considered to be the supreme monument for the Habsburg dynasty, just like the Royal Palace of Madrid for the Bourbon dynasty. Contact  me for more information!

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If we visit El Escorial together, we’ll discover the main attractions of this great building, which is a monastery and a royal palace at the same time:

  • The Basilica, a very solemn temple made of granite
  • The Library, richly decorated with frescoes, it is the home for thousands of books, some of the most important of Spanish history
  • The Royal Pantheon, where most of the monarchs are buried, from Charles I on
  • The Hall of Battles, surprisingly decorated with war scenes
  • The Main Staircase, one of the masterpieces by Luca Giordano
  • The Palace of Philip II and the Palace of the Bourbons, with completely different styles

The price of El Escorial tour doesn’t include tickets and earphone (email me for more info). The duration of the visit is about 2,5 hours.

How my Escorial tour is: other details

el escorial tour
Jose Luis Rodríguez Monasterio del Escorial, Madrid via photopin (license)

As the tours in other monuments of Patrimonio Nacional, it is necessary to book El Escorial visit in advance through the official website. And we’ll need to pay it, at least some days before the date of the tour.

Groups must have between 8 and 30 participants. If we don’t reach the minimum number, El Escorial tour can be done without booking it in advance. If the amount of participants surpasses 30, we’ll have to divide the group into two smaller groups. 

The prices of the tickets are a bit cheaper if an agency or an official tour guide of El Escorial (me, in this case) does it for you. There also are cheaper prices or free tickets for students, seniors and others special visitors. You can check for more details here.

We’ll have to use a system to transmit my voice: I’ll speak through a microphone and you’ll hear me through earphones. That can be provided by the monastery or we can rent it with a different agency. The cost of this service is 1.20€ per person.

Let’s travel to the momentum of Spanish history to visit El Escorial together. I’ll be glad to be your official tour guide in El Escorial monastery and the royal palace!