Tour guide in Prado Museum

Are you looking for a tour guide in Prado Museum who helps you to discover the masterpieces of this gallery of art? Check my availability for your trip dates and contact me to make an appointment. You can’t go away from this city without visiting one of the best museums in the world!

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Why a tour guide in Prado Museum

Antonio Saura, a Spanish abstract artist, said: “The Prado isn’t the most extensive museum but the most intensive one”. Its rooms are amazingly full of masterpieces, which many cases represent the zenith of the career for some painters, like Velazquez, Goya, Bosch, Rubens, Tintoretto or Titian. So it’s highly recommended visiting the museum with a helping hand to choose the best of the best. 

And at that point, before beginning the visit, I always say “sorry”, because what we’ll see is just what I think is the most important of the museum. But, in the end, it’s only my personal selection. Each tour guide in Prado Museum sets his own selection! But mine will take you to thee important regions:

My price could vary in case of festivities, number of visitors, etc.  If you are few people and the rate is high for you, you can join a scheduled visit with other participants in English language. You can email me for more details.

The visit takes 1 hour and a half, adding 15 minutes to get ready to start, as we’ll have to leave big bags at the cloakroom, go through the metal detectors, go to the bathroom, etc.).

And if you want, increasing a bit the price, we can add a walking tour after visiting the museum. We could be together during 3 hours and a half to get to Buen Retiro Park or the main places of Bourbons Madrid. Or we could even have a full day visit, including a tour in Habsburg Madrid. Here I explain how it works.

Other details about a guided tour in Prado Museum

If you want to arrange a visit with a tour guide in Prado Museum, you have to book a specific hour and a date in advance through the official website, and you’ll have to pay for the booking some days before the visit. I could help you with this procedure, if you find it difficult.

To be considered as a ‘group’, you’ll have to be 8 visitors at least. The maximum people per group is 30 visitors. If your group is bigger, they’ll force us to divide it into two smaller groups. Instead, if we are 7 people or less, we can get in without booking in advance.

The use of transmitters of voice is mandatory for groups, in order to avoid too much noise inside the museum. This system of the museum costs 1€ per person and we have to pay for it right before the visit. Anyway, the group can also use an external system of transmitters. 

Let me be your tour guide in Prado Museum en let’s discover some of the masterpieces that fascinated many masters in History of Art!