Royal Palace of Madrid: my guided tour

If you want to visit the Royal Palace of Madrid, a guided tour will help you understand its importance and appreciate its beauty. That’s what I can do for you, no matter if you are a family, an agency group or another type of visitors. Together, we’ll walk through the most interesting rooms of this great monument which belongs to all Spaniards: the public institution Patrimonio Nacional is the owner, but they let the Royal Family use the building for official events. 

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It was built in the 18th century, promoted by the just-arrived Bourbon dynasty to become the most iconic monument for them. Just like the Habsburg dynasty did in El Escorial Royal Monastery, in the 16th century. Do you want to discover all the details? Just contact me!

Main rooms during this Royal Palace Tour in Madrid

There are key rooms in the Royal Palace of Madrid and a guided tour must always include it, as I do in my services. They are:

  • Plaza de la Armería: a big square where people enjoy the view of Southern facade and amazing panoramic views of the surroundings and Almudena Cathedral
  • Grand Staircase, decorated with magnificent frescoes by Corrado Giaquinto
  • Halberdier’s Room, where visitors find a great portrait of the former Royal Family, painted by Antonio López
  • The Hall of the Columns, where some of the greatest events of recent times have taken place
  • The Gasparini Room, masterpiece of Rococò style
  • Stradivari’s Room, where we can find string instruments of incalculable value
  • The Banqueting Hall
  • The Royal Chapel
  • The Crown’s Hall, containing some of the most important objects of Spanish Royal Family
  • The Throne’s Hall

In the Royal Palace of Madrid, my guided tour has different prices depending on several aspects, like the type of group or the date. Tickets and earphones (if necessary) aren’t included. The tour lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes, including an introduction outdoors and the itinerary through the main rooms. Nevertheless, the tour can be shorter if the group needs it.

And if you want to extend our time together after visiting the Royal Palace of Madrid, a guided tour in the surroundings could be a good idea. For instance, through Habsburg Madrid or through Bourbons Madrid. In that case, we’ll discover places like Plaza Mayor, Plaza de Oriente or Puerta del Sol. Here I explain how it works.

Besides, you’ll save some money if you hire an official tour guide in the Royal Palace of Madrid: they make us a special price, like they do with travel agencies. And you have to consider that there are reduced tickets and free tickets for some people, like kids or senior visitors.

Royal Palace of Madrid and guided tours: other details

royal palace of madrid guided tour
k.mckeown Palacio Real de Madrid via photopin (license)

If you are organizing a group to visit the Royal Palace of Madrid, the guided tour must be booked in advance. In that case, we’ll need to choose a specific date and hour, not sooner than 3 months and not later than 1 week before the visit.

They mean ‘group’ when there are among 8 and 30 participants. Less than that, there’s no need to book in advance. If the group is bigger than 30 people, we’ll have to divide it into two smaller groups. 

It is mandatory to use a radioguided system indoors, in order to be as silent as possible: I’ll speak with a microphone and you’ll hear me through your earphones. The cost of this system is 1,20€ per person.

Don’t think twice about visiting the Royal Palace of Madrid: a guided tour will help you appreciate this magnificent building in Spain!