Reina Sofia guided tours, with an official tour guide

In Reina Sofia, guided tours are the best way to discover its collection. In fact, it’s like that in every museum. But especially in this one, due to two things. First: it has a huge number of art pieces displayed on its walls, so choosing rooms and designing a route could be complicated if it’s your first time in here. And second: it’s a contemporary center, and you know that this kind of art isn’t always easy to ‘understand’ (if there is really something to understand..).

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So if you are searching for the help of a tour guide to have a walk in the Reina Sofia, the guided tours that I offer in this museum could match your expectations. Here I explain how my route is and other important details, like the price or the duration of the service.

Reina Sofia: guided tours to discover the collection

Definitely, Reina Sofia guided tours are very focused on Guernica, by Picasso, as this museum was created right for it. The arrival of this painting to Madrid in 1981 was a stimulus to transform this building, the old General Hospital dating back to Charles III’s reign, and install here this universal masterpiece, which is exhibited to the public since 1992 (before, it was shown in Prado Museum).

So, my route mainly focuses on Floor 2 and ends in Room 206, where this eternal complaint against the horror of wars is located: especially, a complaint against Spanish Civil War but, after all, against all conflicts. We’ll spend the necessary time to this painting and to the related pieces in adjacent rooms.

But before getting here, there will be many other things to see. For example, it’s interesting watching Woman in Blue, by Picasso too, one of the few paintings he made in Madrid (yes, he also lived in Madrid, during two different periods). Of course, he’ll attract our attention in Cubism rooms, where I like to emphasize the value of the Madrilenian artist Juan Gris.

Surrealism is a well represented artistic movement in Reina Sofia: my guided tours take to the rooms focused on the Catalan artists Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró, among others. We’ll also have time to appreciate the work of the American photographer Man Ray or the Belgian painter René Magritte. And we’ll discover the talent of two forgotten Spanish women artists: Ángeles Santos and María Gutiérrez Blanchard

If there’ll be enough time, we can add other rooms, other artistic movements and other artists. That will take us to Spanish Informalism of the 1950s or to modern masterpieces, like The Embrace, by Juan Genovés, symbol of social and political reconciliation after Franco’s local Dictatorship.

Information about Reina Sofia guided tours

reina sofia guided tours
photo credit: ST1138 Afternoon at the Sofia Reina 2 via photopin (license)

In Reina Sofia, guided tours must be booked in advance, at least if they involve more than 7 people (tour guide excluded). In the booking we have to select day and hour, and we must do it as soon as possible: not earlier than 3 months before the visit nor later than two days before.

The duration of my Reina Sofia guided tours is 1 hour and 45 minutes. That period includes the necessary time to leave the bags in the lockers, go to the toilet, test the sound of the microphone, etc. So the real time of the visit will be 90 minutes.

My prices depend on the date, the number of people and other details. It doesn’t include the tickets (you can check the fares here) nor the sound system (microphone and earphones), which cost 1€ per person.

Anyway, it’s also possible to follow other routes, more specific, for instance a 30-minutes flash tour about Guernica painting and its context. If you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to tell me!