My touristic videos of Madrid

For work or for pleasure, I like to record touristic videos about Madrid and about what’s in. That’s why I opened my own YouTube channel years ago, where I sometimes upload content that could be interesting for you.

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Touristic videos about Madrid

These videos show my suggestions to discover Madrid as you were in one of my tours: Habsburg Madrid, Medieval Madrid, Bourbons Madrid, etc. Most of them take you to the same route I develop with groups, but others are just advices of quick guides about different aspects.

I began to create them back in 2011. Since then, some things have changed, as you guess. I try to update them once in a while, but if you find a mistake or an important variation, just tell me. I will thank you.

Journalistic videos of Madrid

During the time I worked for, I had the chance to produce a lot of videos. Many of them focused on Madrid and the Community of Madrid. Time ago, I quit this work due to personal reasons, but I think they could still be interesting for readers like you. So I set a playlist with them in my channel.

Examples of these videos are the surprising visit of Antonio Lopez to Puerta del Sol to paint it on a canvas, interviews to Reina Sofia staff to know their points of view about Guernica by Picasso, a walk in Madrid Rio with its architect, Ginés Garrido… and many others. Check it now!