My articles and news about Madrid

As you may already know from this website, I’m not only an official tour guide in Madrid, but also a journalist. Or vice versa. I got my degree in Journalism in 2006. From that moment on, I developed my career in different newspapers, especially in EL MUNDO, one of the most readed in Spanish on the Internet. For them, I edited videos and I wrote articles and news about Madrid. Many of those services showed how the life of this city is and I consider them the origin of my tours.

Another press company I wrote for is Madrid Histórico, a magazine about the History of Madrid. These are the links to get to their websites:

News of Madrid in my blog

Now, I keep on working as a journalist. Perhaps not in a very visible way, but following very carefully the news of Madrid. I write for agencies of marketing online, websites related to tourism and other platforms. Anyway, where I really love to write is in my blog about Madrid. There, I feel free to express myself, to show the city as I see it. And I try to offer useful information for visitors, as I want them to enjoy Madrid the same way I do.

I’d be very glad if you read some articles there or you follow me on social media, as I try to update my profiles with interesting information and news of Madrid. There still are many things to discover about this city out there!