How my guided tours in Madrid work

The routes of my guided tours in Madrid are the result of many hours walking through the city, but also of exchanging opinions with tourists from the whole world, especially Spain, Europe and America. As you can see in this website, I’ve set up some itineraries like Habsburg Madrid, Bourbons Madrid, bus city tour or visits inside museums, like the Prado, Reina Sofía, Thyssen or the Royal Palace

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  • Phone (calls and WhatsApp): +34 602505947

If you want to book a guided tour in Madrid with me, you have to choose one of these options.

Guided tours in Madrid: open or private group

We can arrange a guided visit in Madrid in two ways: an open group or a private group.

  • Open group: it’ll be composed by people who don’t know each other. It’s similar than a free tour, but  everybody pays the same price
  • Private group: it means groups, big or small, which prefer to make a tour with no other people or groups. In other words, I won’t add visitors you don’t know previously. This is the correct type of visit for agencies or small groups like families or friends who want to enjoy the experience in an exclusive way

In both cases, the duration of the visit can be 1 hour and 45 minutes (for a museum), half day (about 3 hours) or full day (7,5 hours, including the break for lunch).

The price of my services

My rates are progressive, depending on the number of visitors and the duration of the service, so contact me for more details. All my prices include VAT. Students groups could have some discounts. On weekends, festivities or special days, the cost could be higher. For ‘long full days’ (excursions out of the Community of Madrid longer than 7,5 hours), the rate could be higher too.