Day tour to Segovia from Madrid, with an official tour guide

If you want to enjoy a day tour to Segovia from Madrid, an official tour guide will show you the main attractions and will help you to solve all the issues. I could be the one to do it as I offer you different options, whether you are a small group (friends or family) or a big group (agency, association). Here I explain everything, but you can also contact me for more details:

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What a Segovia tour from Madrid is like

My services for a Segovia tour from Madrid are focused on people who lodge in the capital of Spain and want to spend some time in this amazing city. In this case, there are two main options: a half day tour (a 3,5 hours visit) and a full day tour (a 7,5 hours visit, including the break for lunch). VAT is included in my prices, but not tickets for the monuments nor tickets for the train or bus (if needed).

If you want to stay longer and visit the city several days, you may be interested in lodging in Segovia and contact some of my colleagues. 

day tour to segovia from madrid

Option 1: a half day tour to Segovia from Madrid

That’s your option if you don’t have much time. In this Segovia half day tour from Madrid, we’ll get to see the main attractions of the old city, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, for instance:

In this option, we won’t have much time to visit the monuments indoors. If the participants of the group have a good pace, we may be able to get in the cathedral (2,5€ per person). Instead, we’d see the Alcázar just from the gardens of the main entrance.

Consider that you’ll spend about 6 hours totally in a Segovia half day tour from Madrid: 2,5 hours for the journeys (train or bus) and 3,5 hours for the visit in the city.

Option 2: a full day tour to Segovia from Madrid

In a full day tour to Segovia from Madrid, we’ll have much more time to discover the main attractions and other sights of the city, for instance:

  • Roman Aqueduct
  • Cathedral (indoors)
  • Alcázar (indoors)
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Other nice squares and streets, like Plaza de Medina del Campo, the Jewish quarter, the Puerta de San Andrés, etc.
  • If we have a private means of transport, we can get to Fuencisla area, patroness of Segovia, to enjoy this green place and see the Alcázar from Eresma river, the best place to take a picture

In this case, we’ll stay 7,5 hours in Segovia, including the break for lunch, but the whole Segovia day tour from Madrid will last 10 hours, as you have to add 2,5 hours for the journeys. 

Besides, there is another option, very popular among foreign tourists: visiting Segovia and Avila on the same day, as there are just 65 km between them. This could be done if we have a private bus or taxi. Anyway, take into account that we would have to cut time in this city, so we’d have a walking tour of 2,5 hours.

Contact me to know my price for this service, as it depends on serveral aspects: the date, the duration of the tour, etc. I’ll also give you information about the tickets and other details, if you need.

How to travel between both cities

Transportation is a key question to organize a day tour to Segovia from Madrid. These are the main options:

  • Train. Attention, there are two very different ways:
    • High Speed train (AVE): the journey from Madrid-Chamartín lasts about 30 minutes. But you have to add the time to move from this station (Segovia-Guiomar) to the city centre, as it is located in the surroundings and you’ll need to take a bus or a taxi. Madrid-Chamartin isn’t right in the city centre, so take it into account
    • Regional train: a journey full of stops and it lasts about 2 hours. This option is cheaper, of course
  • Public bus: from Madrid-Moncloa. The journey lasts about 1,5 hours and it’s, by far, the cheapest option
  • Private bus: consider 1 hour and 15 minutes each journey
  • Rent a car
  • Private taxi

Each means of transport has pros and cons. For big and medium size groups, I’d recommend a private bus. For families and small groups, a car or a minivan could be nice, as well as the option High Speed train (AVE) + taxi.

In my case, I could meet you in Madrid or in Segovia, depending on my availability:

  • If we meet in Segovia, we’ll set a meeting point, probably the Roman Aqueduct or the bus station, depending on the way you get here
  • If we travel together in this day tour to Segovia from Madrid, we could meet in your hotel (if you have a private car or bus) or in the station (if you’ll use a public means of transport)

And the same for the round trip. So if you want to enjoy a Segovia tour from Madrid with an official tour guide to show you the best attractions… just contact me!