A helping hand for your trip to Madrid

I know that, sometimes, beyond a guided tour in Madrid, what a visitor needs is a helping hand to organize some aspects of the trip. And I can offer you mine. For me, calling a hotel, a restaurant or a transport company isn’t difficult. So I don’t mind doing that for you before meeting us or after that. And if I feel that the favour you ask me is very complicated to make, I’ll tell you sincerely, so that you can look for other solutions.

There are three main areas in which I can help you or advise: the programme of your trip to Madrid, the restaurants and the transportation. But if you need a hand with other things (shops, hotels, etc.), just tell me. You can also check the page with some useful phone numbers and email addresses, like Police or 112 Emergency Center.

Help with the programme of your trip to Madrid

Sometimes, the tour leader or the travel agency asks me for advice about the programme of the trip to Madrid, including the days or the moments in which the participants won’t be with me. In that case, I don’t mind suggesting places to visit or providing information about the museums. I can also help you to book the tickets, even if most of the occasions the tour leader proceeds with it, like in the Prado, in the Thyssen or in the Reina Sofia.

Anyway, I’ll also show you when the museums of Madrid are free, as all of them provide tickets without cost in some moments of the week. That could be interesting for small groups which only want to have a quick visit inside. And I could advise you about the rooms and the masterpieces. 

Help for restaurants in Madrid

One of the questions I receive more often is: “Do you know a good restaurant in Madrid to eat paella/tapas/cocido/etc.?”. If I’m true, I’m not very good at this kind of things. Besides, everything is subjective: one group can have a very nice experience in a restaurant but the next one may feel disappointed.

That’s why I prefer to base on customers’ opinions. When my group comes back home, I try to get in touch and ask the tour leader about their experience in Madrid, including restaurants. Like this, I can have a wide point of view about the level of the service in certain places.

If you need to book or check availability, just tell me. For me, it’s easy to call the restaurant. I can also send them an email, so that I can forward you the reply.

Help for your transport in Madrid

Of course, transport is a key service in tourism, so you’ll need it for your trip in Madrid. In all this time, I’ve known some companies with all kinds of vehicles and drivers, for groups, families and different profiles of tourists. So if you need advice for getting around in this city, just ask me: I’ll try to suggest the best option to you from the moment you land.

As I told you before, I don’t mind sending them an email and forwarding you their reply. Like that, all the details will be clear: the hour of the service, the arriving and departing times, the number of passengers, etc. And if you need me to call them, I don’t mind doing it either. 

Help for hotels in Madrid

Choosing a hotel in Madrid is probably the most important decision. Here and in any other destination. And at the same time, it’s one of the most difficult choices. That’s why I prefer not to have that responsibility, as there are many details to consider: the location, the category, the price, the facilities, etc. And each group has different priorities, so I just listen to the opinions of my customers and report them to others because that could be helpful. But that’s all, I won’t go beyond and I hope you will understand.